The Wines Saccoletto

Where hills bend and extend to welcome the hot rays of the sun at noon and the drops of the rain, the vineyards die, with intense scent, the whine of the soil green and brown. Copper and sulphur, dissolved into the water of the pit, together with the natural balance of insects, keep the grapes sound while the vines in the grassy rows are lean and the mowed grass slowly gives the necessary nourishments back to the soil. The vintage, carried out quietly and happuly among comrad and the way the transport, the wine-pressing, the fermentation and the decantings are fulfilles (following the customs and the advice of the old), enrich the wine with lively humanity, happiness and bright twilights. The sun and the rain give us the colour, the taste and the strenght of the wine wich, in this way, change every year.

The wines:

AURUM – Barbera grapes refined 24 months in oak wood barrel

FORNACE – Barbera grapes refined 24 months in oak wood barrel

TRADIZIONE – Barbera grapes (steel only)

MINERVA – Barbera grapes (steel only)

CORNALASCA – Grignolino grapes (steel only)

FIORDALISO – Freisa grapes (steel only)

KRASIS – Grapes: 60% Nebbiolo, 13% Barbera, 13% Freisa, 13% Syrah (steel only)

I TIGLI – Grapes: 35% Timorasso, 65% Bussanello

EVVIVA – Aromatic white grapes – White, sweet and sparkling

BRINA – Late harvest of aromatic white grapes – Sweet

BRINA ROSE’ – Late harvest of aromatic red grapes – Sweet

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